Technical Analysis

ObjectiveTo teach kids how to choose stocks based on Technical Analysis.
Description Bulls vs Bears

Technical Analysis is a way of choosing stocks it involves look at a stock's 200 day moving average and seeing how it does over a year.


1. Look up what "technical analysis" is and talk about it with family or friends.

2. Get a financial newspaper or go to a market website like and look at a couple of different stocks, read the charts and try to identify any patterns that you see. For example Stock X usually dips in the first quarter.

3. Talk to family or friends and find out what technical analysis is and find out how you would do this with a stock. Ask a friend or family member if they have used this to choose stocks in their portfolios and ask them if they will show you how they pick their stocks.

4. Choose a couple of stocks and perform a technical analysis on each one. Try to keep tabs on your stocks for about a year.

5. About once a month take a look at your stocks and figure out how they are doing.


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Reference Reference Note Stocks Here is an article on Technical Analysis .

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