ObjectiveTo reinforce and practice strategy skills
Description Tetris Game

In this game, you will use strategy to manipulate different shapes composed of four blocks each with the objective of clearing the bottom horizontal lines in order to gain enough points and pass the levels before the time runs out.

Each shape will come down one at a time and you will move and rotate each shape into the position you want to place it. As each shape is moved and dropped down, lines will begin to form. As soon as a complete horizontal line is formed, it will disappear and points will be earned. If enough lines have disappeared and points earned by the end of the time limit, you will move on to the next level.

If you aren't strategic enough in your moves, the shapes will pile up. As soon as either 1) the shapes pile up and reach the top of the screen or 2) not enough points are gained when the time limit is over, your game will be over. 

Wikipedia gives a more detailed description of a 'How to Play' guide as well as other information about the game. 

The official website for 'Tetris' provides product details, as well as downloads for mobile and tabletop devices. 


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