That's Negotiable!

ObjectiveTo teach kids how to negotiate.
Description Garage Sale

Learning to negotiate is a great confidence booster and it can be exhilarating.


1. Think about negotiating and answer the following for yourself:

  • What is negotiating?
  • How could it be useful for you?
  • Where are appropriate places to negotiate?

2. Plan an afternoon of garage sales and bring along a couple items from home that you don't want anymore but are in good condition and could be desirable for other children. You will also want to bring along some money.

3. Learn how to negotiate on the prices for things. Choose an item, decide on what a fair price to pay for the item would be, then take a few dollars off that amount - this is your lowest price.

5. Talk to the seller and offer your lowest price, if the price is not accepted ask the seller for a counter offer. Keep going back and forth until you reach a price close to the fair price you decided on earlier. If you successfully get the price down, buy the item.

6. You may also want to offer a trade for the item - trading is offering an item from home or a service in exchange. An example of a service could be cutting their lawn or shoveling their driveway in exchange for the item.

Note: This will also work well if you are traveling somewhere like Mexico where bartering is encouraged.





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