Tooth Fairy

ObjectiveTo teach your child about income and to work on their counting skills.
Description Tooth Fairy

Participate in this role playing game with your child and help them to learn to calculate their income.


1. Gather several dimes or quarters (Whatever you give your child when they loose a tooth), you will need to have quite a few coins handy.

2. Dress up as the tooth fairy (It doesn't have to be elaborate, just put on a tiara and fairy wings, maybe a wig - dressing up makes it fun and funny for your children).

3. Ask your child how many teeth he/she lost this year, it doesn't matter if it's correct or not.

4. Give your child the equal number of coins to the number of teeth he or she said and get him/her to count up the value.

5. You can do a few rounds of this until the child understands the concept.

6. Tell your child how many teeth he/she actually lost that year, give him/her the coins and get him/her to count.

7. Explain that tooth fairy money is an income. Income is money that you are given or earn. Tell them that they were given $___ from the tooth fairy last year and that was part of their income.

8. Identify other forms of income that your child has (allowance, Birthday/Holiday money, collecting and rolling coins, returning bottles, creating a business - anytime they make money that is an income).



Complete When

Mark this activity as complete when your child can identify their income and demonstrate understanding of the concept of income.

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Financial Fitness For Life: Parent Guide This activity was adapted from Financial Fitness For Life: Grades k-5 . The original activity can be found on page six and is called playing dentist.

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