Understanding Sales Tax

ObjectiveTo teach children about the different sales tax.
Description Tax


1. Ask your parents or look online and find out what sales tax is.

2. Gather receipts around the house and look at the the amount of sales tax paid on each purchase. Figure out what the sales tax percentage is. You may even be able to find the percentage on the receipt.

3. Go on a shopping trip and pick out a few items to buy. You may want to bring a calculator.

4. Before you get to the check out counter guess how much your purchase will be with the sales tax added in.
Then add up the total of the items you are going to purchase, apply the sales tax percentage, and then add the amount of sales tax to your total. How close was your guess?

5. After your shopping trip discuss the following with your friends or family.

- What part of the government gets the money from sales taxes? What do they use this money for?

- Do you think that sales taxes are being used well? Explain.


Complete When

Mark this activity as complete when you know how much sales tax is charged where you live, you have had a conversation about sales tax with friends or family and you understand how sales taxes are spent by the government.

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Canada Revenue Agency

This is an article on GST and HST in Canada.



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