Wishes Can Come True!

ObjectiveKids will learn or reinforce the concept of saving money for specific goals.
Description Tin Can Wish Can

In this craft children will create a custom piggy bank they can use to save for an item they have been wishing for.


1. Get a tin can, empty coffee can, or yogurt container.

2. Gather old magazines or get some pictures from the internet.

3. Get glue, scissors, construction paper etc.

4. Have the kids write the sentence "I wish for a ___________".

5. The children fill in the blank and then create and decorate their special dream fund.


Complete When

Mark this activity as complete when your children have created a custom bank for their savings goal.

Track your progress and earn badges!

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Activity Type Craft
Tags Spatial Intelligence  Intrapersonal Intelligence  Saving 
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Disney Family Fun

A saving craft from Disney Family Fun.

Wishes can come true

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  1. David_GDavid_G says:

    Tried this activity out with my 6 year old and found it to be one of my favorites. We had a talk before hand about what she really wanted (she chose a new doll and accessories), how much it would cost, and ways she could save up. She loved the craft idea and understood the concept...She's still going at it, but she's getting closer to her goal and is constantly counting how much she has saved already. 

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