You Can Afford It!

ObjectiveTo show kids that any item they want is within reach if they work hard and save up!
Description lemonade stand

You can buy anything you want! It just takes a little work, a little creativity and a lot of fun!


1. Think of something that you would really like to buy.

2. Research the price for the item. Do this by looking online or by going to the store and writing down how much it costs.

3. Print a picture of the item and paste it to the outside of a container (an empty peanut butter container, yogurt container, tin can or piggy bank would work great).

4. Complete chores around the house/in your neighborhood, babysit, have a garage sale, return bottles, roll coins or start a small business to earn the money you need to achieve your goal. Get creative and have fun with how you earn your money!

5. When you have earned enough money - go buy that item!

Note: Looking for sales/deals or negotiating a deal will make it so that you can buy what you want and still have a little money left over! What's better than that?


Complete When

Mark this activity as complete when you have saved for and bought one item that you want.

Track your progress and earn badges!

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Prerequisites Money Metropolis Game
Setting Goals With Bankaroo
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