How To Teach Kids About Money and Have Fun Too

Cindy Posted Oct 12, 2012
by Cindy

Here is what Grace T. Thompson had to say in an article that she wrote when mentioning TrueSmarts:

parent teaching a child about money

"Talking to kids about money is an important part of a parent’s role when bringing up their child. Unfortunately, however, most loving parents hesitate to talk about this, as they feel it is too soon for a child to shoulder such responsibility. So, you can start this kind of discussion on a lighter note in the early years of a child’s life. Parents should not hesitate in discussing money matters with their kids. Experts believe that as soon as your child starts asking for things, you should make them realize that things cost money. This will help them to understand that money is important and useful.

. . .

With the advancement of technology and easy access to the internet, nowadays there are many easy and fun ways available of communicating this important lesson to young children. Sites like,,, etc. provide many interesting money centered games which would make learning about money a friendly experience for children."

We couldn't agree more...

It's never too early to start teaching financial literacy to your children, just make sure that the lessons you are teaching are age appropriate and are not destructive to your relationship with your child. Some great TrueSmarts' activities to do with your young child include:

1. Three Piggy Bank System

2. Felt Wallet

3. Tooth Fairy

4. Free Money

5. Stone Soup

Have fun!

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