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TitleComputer Literacy
Description kids computer literacy

In today's tech-centric world kids need to use computers for word processing, creating presentations, desktop publishing as well as creating and maintaining spreadsheets. It is also prudent for kids to know how the internet works as well as how to protect themselves from things like identity theft.

There are also computer programs and skills that your child might have a natural aptitude for. Some examples include coding or developing websites, fixing computers, building custom computers, social media marketing/networking, creating games or applications for mobile devices, making and posting movies, or designing logos/desktop publishing. All of these things could become a career/small business or be very useful in their future careers/small businesses.

Please Note: Typing is very rarely taught in schools anymore so you may want to take a little time to train your child how to type. Here are some free typing games your kids can play, I am a fan of "Earth Typing Defense".

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Activity Type Rating
Build A Website Project  
Create A Blog Project  
Create A Logo Project  
Digital Brochure Craft
Dreamweaver Project
Excel Budget Sheet Lesson
Internet Research Lesson
Learn CSS Lesson  
Learn HTML Lesson  
Learn JavaScript Lesson  
Make a Story Book Craft
Spending Sheet Lesson
Survey Lesson

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