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An important term in accounting and personal finance, expenses are anything that cost you money. For example a car payment, cell phone payment, spending money on a movie ticket or buying new clothes are all expenses.

It is important to know what expenses are as well as how to track and control expenses as this will decrease the likelihood you will over spend and make it easier for you to meet long term goals.   

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Activity Type Rating
Advanced Kids Business Business
Bankaroo Routine
BMO Monthly Budget Calculator Lesson  
Deposits vs Withdrawals Project
Dollar-A-Glass Game
Get Started With Bankaroo Routine
Make A Board Game! Game  
Make A Smart Purchase Lesson
Making A Purchase Lesson
Money Talks: What Is Money? Lesson
Purchasing a Car Lesson
Retirement Planning Lesson  
Talk about Money at the Dinner Table Parental Behavior
Teen's Personal Finance Routine
The Berenstain Bears: Money Lessons Book
Trouble With Money: The Berenstain Bears Book
Understanding Profit Game

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