Intrapersonal Intelligence

TitleIntrapersonal Intelligence
Description Thinking Cap

One of Howard Gardner's "multiple intelligences", Intrapersonal Intelligence is the ability to reflect, envision, and analyze. This is an internal process where a person might come up with a plan, reflect on the effectiveness of actions, brainstorm about how to do something or make something, or creative problem solve.

You can encourage your child's intrapersonal intelligence by helping him/her set goals, make plans, encourage day dreaming and creative thinking, or by helping him/her analyze the effectiveness of past actions or businesses.

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Activity Type Rating
Advanced Kids Business Business
All Terrain Brain Game
Basic Kids Business Business
Brainstorming Ideas: Level 1 Lesson
Goal Setting Lesson
Host an Event Business
Inventors Log or Journal Project
Make a Story Book Craft
Plan Your Time Routine
Podcast or Youtube Video Presentation
Pursuit of Happyness Video
Rich Kid Smart Kid Book
Risk Taking Routine
Saving Chart Craft
Stone Soup Book
Task Management Lesson
Teen's Personal Finance Routine
Three Solutions, One Problem Routine
Wishes Can Come True! Craft

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