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Investing is the process of lending something to get more back. We often think about investment in terms of the stock market. In that case you are lending your money to a corporation and in return they offer you your original investment back plus a profit (in theory). Investment could also take the form of putting funds into a small business venture, investing in your education, or buying something that will increase in value over time. 

Learning how to invest money is an important and financially freeing attitude. The ability to make your money, make more money could make it faster and easier to achieve personal and financial goals.


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Activity Type Rating
101 Kids Business Ideas Business
3 Piggy Bank System Routine
Bull or Bear Market Game
Fundamental Analysis Lesson
Good Debt, Bad Debt, No Debt Game
Mock Stock Portfolio Project
Online Personal Finance Game Game
Power of Compound Interest Lesson
Rich Kid Smart Kid Book
Talk about Money at the Dinner Table Parental Behavior
Technical Analysis Lesson
The Great Piggy Bank Adventure Game
Time Value of Money Lesson
Waiting Can Be Sweet! Lesson  
Wall Street Survivor Game

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