Logical-Mathematical Intelligence

TitleLogical-Mathematical Intelligence
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Logical-Mathematical Intelligence is one of Howard Gardner's "multiple intelligences". People who are strong with this kind of intelligence are good at math, science, logic, puzzles, reasoning, and critical thinking. Logical-mathematical individuals also have the ability to see and understand complex patterns and have strong analytical skills. Those who are strong in this intelligence make good accountants, computer programers, engineers, scientists or mathematicians.  

Some ways you can build kids' logical-mathematical intelligence include logic and number problems, puzzles, getting them a chemistry set, building their computer literacy or helping them start and run a small business. 

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Activity Type Rating
3 Piggy Bank System Routine
Advanced Kids Business Business
Budget Bedroom Project
Budget Field Trip Field Trip
Bull or Bear Market Game
Cardboard Bank Game
Cashflow For Kids Game
Change Game Game
Chess Game
Clothes Shopping: Name Brand vs Generic Field Trip
Coin Math Game
Coin Worksheets Worksheet
Connect Four Game
Coupon Binder Craft
Create a Brochure Craft
Create a Magazine Ad Craft
Create an Invention or Innovation Project
Credit Cards Lesson
Debate It! Presentation
Deposits vs Withdrawals Project
Dollar-A-Glass Game
Dreamweaver Project
Egg Drop Project Project
Excel Budget Sheet Lesson
Exploring Money Around the World Project
First Income Stream Routine
Food Court Budget Field Trip
Fundamental Analysis Lesson
Game of Life Game
Good Credit Habits Game Game
Good Debt, Bad Debt, No Debt Game
Grocery Store Field Trip Field Trip
Host an Event Business
Household Auction Game
Human Knot Game
Income Tax Around The World Lesson
Inventors Log or Journal Project
Is Your Price Right? Worksheet
Lemonade Stand Business
Make A Smart Purchase Lesson
Making A Purchase Lesson
Making Your Own Checks Craft
Mock Stock Portfolio Project
Money Matching Worksheets Worksheet
Monopoly Game
Monopoly Jr. Game
Monthly Income Statement Routine
Movie in a Field Business
Needs vs Wants Worksheet
Online Personal Finance Game Game
Plan Your Time Routine
Planning To Buy A Car Project  
Poker Game
Power of Compound Interest Lesson
Price-Tag Pair Up Game
Purchasing a Car Lesson
Sales Tax Travel Field Trip
Settlers of Catan Game
Simple vs. Compound Interest Lesson
Spend vs. Save Field Trip  
Spending Sheet Lesson
Spending Tracker Craft
Survey Lesson
Task Management Lesson
Technical Analysis Lesson
Teen's Personal Finance Routine
That's Negotiable! Field Trip
The Berenstain Bears: Money Lessons Book
The Great Piggy Bank Adventure Game
Three Solutions, One Problem Routine
Tic Tac Toe Game
Time Value of Money Lesson
Tooth Fairy Lesson
Trip to the Bank Field Trip
Understanding Profit Game
Understanding Sales Tax Field Trip
Wall Street Survivor Game
What are Taxes? Lesson
Why We Pay Taxes Lesson
Work For Pay Chores Routine

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