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The ability to manage one's personal finances helps a person to create wealth, meet financial goals, maintain a healthy attitude towards debt, save money for various reasons, as well as create and stick to a budget.

Having an understanding of personal finances will give your kids confidence with money, an understanding of how money works, an understanding of how to invest money, the ability to buy items they want with their own savings, an understanding of where money comes from as well as the ability to control their financial outlook.

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Activity Type Rating
3 Piggy Bank System Routine
Bankaroo Routine
Banker Talk Field Trip  
Banking Bingo Game
BMO Monthly Budget Calculator Lesson  
Cashflow For Kids Game
Financial Sports Game  
Game of Life Game
Get Started With Bankaroo Routine
Learning Money With Leo Game
Make A Smart Purchase Lesson
Money Talks Game
Money Talks: What Is Money? Lesson
Monthly Income Statement Routine
Online Personal Finance Game Game
Planning To Buy A Car Project  
Prioritize Your Financial Goals Worksheet  
Purchasing a Car Lesson
Research Your Financial Goals Worksheet  
Rich Kid Smart Kid Book
Spending Sheet Lesson
Talk about Money at the Dinner Table Parental Behavior
Teen's Personal Finance Routine
The Great Piggy Bank Adventure Game
Understanding Insurance Lesson
Your Money Attitude Lesson  

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