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TitlePublic Speaking
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Most people are afraid to speak in public; most would prefer to die a fiery death in a plane crash than to get up on stage and address a crowd. That said, we all have to public speak at some point, so it's important to build kids' confidence, ability and comfort level around speaking in public. 

Good public speaking includes the ability to project your voice, enunciate, make eye contact, engage/entertain an audience, communicate clearly and effectively, control your nerves, and occasionally improvise. Public speaking skills are useful for presenting new ideas or products, sales pitches and school projects.


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Activity Type Rating
Circle Story Game
Debate It! Presentation
Perform A Skit Presentation
Podcast or Youtube Video Presentation
Puppet Show Presentation
Radio Show Presentation
Speak Up Presentation
Stand Up Comedy Presentation
Teach Me How Parental Behavior
Tongue Twister Presentation

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