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Saving is a very important part of financial literacy. Learning how and why to set aside a portion of income will help kids to be more patient, have greater understanding of what it takes to buy the items that they want, have money available for investment or business ventures and have greater control over their finances. 

Kids should also learn how to save money on items by negotiating, bargain hunting and waiting for price reductions. If kids save money on the products they buy, they will have money left over for future purchases, investments, businesses or savings.

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Activity Type Rating
3 Piggy Bank System Routine
Bankaroo Routine
Budget Field Trip Field Trip
Cardboard Bank Game
Clothes Shopping: Name Brand vs Generic Field Trip
Coupon Binder Craft
Ed's Bank Game Game
Felt Wallet Craft
First Income Stream Routine
Grocery Store Field Trip Field Trip
Homemade Piggy Bank Craft
Is Your Price Right? Worksheet
Learning Money With Leo Game
Mad Money Game Game
Money Metropolis Game Game
Monthly Income Statement Routine
Saving Chart Craft
Setting Goals With Bankaroo Routine  
Spend vs. Save Field Trip  
Spending Tracker Craft
Teen's Personal Finance Routine
That's Negotiable! Field Trip
The Berenstain Bears: Money Lessons Book
The Great Piggy Bank Adventure Game
The Great Savings Race Game
Trip to the Bank Field Trip
Trouble With Money: The Berenstain Bears Book
Waiting Can Be Sweet! Lesson  
Wishes Can Come True! Craft
You Can Afford It! Lesson  

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