Spatial Intelligence

TitleSpatial Intelligence
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One of Howard Gardner's "multiple intelligences", spacial intelligence is the ability to understand spatial relationships, visualize with the mind's eye, solve spatial problems, visualize object from different angles and recognize fine details. People who have strong spacial intelligence make good visual artists, designers, inventors, or engineers.

Spatially intelligent people enjoy making or building things, drawing, painting, taking things apart and inventing things.

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Activity Type Rating
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Coin Rubbing Craft
Create a Brochure Craft
Create a Magazine Ad Craft
Create an Invention or Innovation Project
Digital Brochure Craft
Dreamweaver Project
Egg Drop Project Project
Felt Wallet Craft
Homemade Piggy Bank Craft
Inventors Log or Journal Project
Making a Blanket From a Sweater Craft
Making Your Own Money Craft
Marshmallow Tower Project
Mystery Craft Craft
Penny Boat Craft
Tetris Game
Tic Tac Toe Game
Wishes Can Come True! Craft

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